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There is a lot that goes into SEO

Let TBS help you with your SEO services needs so you get the most out of your website, local listing, and social media! The Complete Package is our best deal and includes Coaching so you have a winning strategy! We also have a more budget friendly SEO guide that can be paired with a basic SEO services plan. Learn more about SEO

  • Site Audit $50

    • Complete Audit of your website. Technical SEO, links, site speed, & Copy
    • Each page is looked over to ensure you meet all aspects of technical SEO. As well as an audit of how your copy is written. Price may increase if you have a substantial amount of content.
    • You get a list of things you need to do to get yourself on track.
    • The cost can be applied to another service after you get the report back.

  • Technical SEO $1,000+ Includes some On Page SEO

    • A basic SEO Service plan is available for a DIY package (bottom of the service list)
    • I implement all aspects of technical SEO so that your website is optimized and able to be indexed. This can take up to 3 weeks.
      • 2 pages of “On Page” SEO are included after an initial phone call. We will determine what you want to rank for.
      • Canonical tags applied where needed to prevent keyword cannibalization
      • Header and footer codes depending on your needs
      • Site map installation
      • Update Site Structure 
      • Reduce 404 errors & implement redirects
      • Manage any duplicate content/pages
      • and more
  • On Page SEO Services $400 +

      • You will need to implement some Technical SEO for On-Page to work for your business.
      • This ranges from rewriting some of your pages to creating new ones 
      • Geo Tagging of any photos
      • Recommend adding Technical SEO
      • Meta Descriptions for every page
      • and more.

  • Google set up $300

      • Google Console
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Maps
      • Google shopping is not included  (contact us to see if this can be included for you!)
      • How to make google work for you info sheet included but we will go over that in our meeting.
  • Local SEO $300 

      • Google Maps Set up
      • Apple Maps Set up
      • SEO for each listing to maximize your listing
      • Geo tagging website & social media photos (max of 50)
  • SEO Copywriting $75/page (Blog/web pages)

      • Each page or Blog post is written and optimized for YOU
      • Custom content written for your industry
      • Each page is 500- 1,000 words
      • You can break this up to 2 blogs posts or web pages but each must have a minimum of 300 words.
      • An interview is required so I understand your industry and what you want
  • Keyword Research $75  (for new content/blog)

    • You get a list of keywords, key phrases, and blog ideas for your industry
    • At least 5 new ideas
    • find out what potential customers and clients are searching for!
Learn On-Page SEO


    • Do it yourself with this Ultimate SEO Guide.
    • Goes over how to do written SEO for your pages and blog posts.
    • Comes with a checklist to keep you on track
    • Does not include Technical SEO
  • SEO Coach or Consultant 3 month minimum ( $600/month)

    • I come up with a strategy for your website
    • Implement SEO
    • Walk you through how to get the most out of the work
    • & how you can keep up with it
    • Includes any combination of the above
    • Includes Analytics set up & presentation at the end of the 3 months.
    • You will do the content writing with my easy to follow guide as well as coaching calls with me!
  • Complete Package $2,000 (payment plans available for the 3 month duration)

    • Includes everything above
    • Yes even the coaching
    • You can add the Marketing Plan for a discounted rate.

This is a separate service from the Complete Package

Geo Tagging $50 for 40 photos

Budget Friendly DIY SEO

You can always book a basic Technical SEO Package to ensure your site is indexed and purchase our DIY On-Page SEO Guide & Checklist. This is a risk as you will be doing the work BUT it is very cost effective and you will learn A LOT from our DIY Guide. It’s complete with a check list and resources so you stay on the right track. Schedule a call to see how I can help.  

Ashley Stafford looking off to her right. She is a medium melanated woman wearing a black tank with white poka dots and a red scarf looped around her neck. Dark brown hair with full bangs frame her face. Basics for promoting yourself blog is the context of the photo on an SEO services site.

Ashley’s businesses have ranged from art and music festivals to a private orthopedic massage practice, which is still successful today!

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