Gumption Designs Pigeon fighting a squirrel over a pretzel

As we dive deeper into building your business it will become apparent that you need others to succeed. At the end of the day you only have so much time to accomplish everything so why not hire a few things out? TBS works with various freelancers and small businesses so you can spend your time doing things you want to do!

TBS would not be what is it today without the amazing Tim. Our technical advisory comes from Tim of timnetworks, a full-time shop for interesting technology. Social media is a full time job and I highly recommend sourcing that out unless it happens to bring you joy. We have Justin for our wellness clients and Allie for our online businesses. Gumption Designs Pigeon fighting a squirrel over a pretzel Graphic Design is something that can make or break your idea. Luckily we have a few artists we love to recommend to our clients. One of those is Gumption Designs where Zach takes your idea and brings it life! We hear they also do social media and front end website design 👀 Zach designed the above image for our E-Commerce site!

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