On-Page SEO Guide

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On-Page SEO Guide for the D-I-Y Entrepreneur.

If you are creating your own website and asked for help in a FB group then you probably have heard of SEO. You know it’s important but you aren’t really sure what it is. You’re not even sure if you need it. I’m here to tell you that you do.

SEO is a short version of Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it’s a strategy you can use to get your website on the first page of a search result. Not just any search result but the right one. Search engines are pretty sick of people manipulating results with crappy websites and landing pages. There are “bots” that crawl websites and index them. When someone searches for something they go into their massage database of indexed websites to see which sites match the inquiry. If you manipulate those results and the user is met with bunch of junk it ruins the credibility of the search engine to the user. They end up clicking on more than they needed to in order to find the answer they are looking for. 

But not for long!

There has been a crack down on sites that manipulate this and as of 09-09-2022 there are “bots” that find these sites and punish them in search results. It could take MONTHS to recover from that. Don’t worry though! You’re here and have access to a FREE or pay what you can guide to On-Page SEO. Use this to go over previous pages or posts and clean up your site. Repurposing content is an SEO strategy I use for all new clients when they get our SEO Package. There are so many little things to keep track of that don’t seem important but I break that all down in the guide. There’s even a check list for those that like that sort of thing.  To Access this Guide Click the link! This will take you to our E-Commerce site, a perfect representation of how we use wordpress and woocommerce to create simple and intuitive web stores!

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