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There is a lot that goes into SEO

SEO & SEO Strategy

Is how you improve your website’s visibility on search engines. It works by optimizing website content and its structure so the search engines can “read” your site better. By doing so  you increase organic traffic to your website.

TBS will research keywords to target relevant search terms. This way we know what your target audience is currently searching for when it comes to what you offer. TBS does this two ways On-Page SEO and Technical SEO. This is a base service and can be added onto any other package. SEO services start at $650 for smaller, simpler websites and go up from there. For more detailed information visit our “What is SEO?” post.

Let TBS help you with your SEO needs so you get the most out of your website, local listing, and social media! To learn more about SEO and its components check out SEO What why and how!  We offer many services related to SEO and all are offered as a one off service, a package, or as an ongoing project. Our Packages start at $1000 and are tailored for your business needs. Packages range from one month to a 3 month strategy plan. Maintenance plans are also available.

Site Audit

This covers a complete audit of your website. Each page is looked over to ensure your pages are being indexed. We take a look at technical and On-Page aspects of your website through this process.

This is complete with an audit report for your records.  This cost can be applied to any package. 

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Technical SEO is all about things like indexing, site maps, and other things you can’t see on the surface. These work for you behind the scenes and talk to robots that crawl your site. These robots index your website page by page and organize it’s contents. This way when someone searches for something, sites that have information on that topic pop up first. 

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This ranges and will depend on what you business needs. Sometimes this looks like going through old content and optimizing it. Other times this looks like writing new content to close the gap in keywords you could be ranking for. What some people don’t think about that encompasses on-page SEO are things like alt tags, geo tagging, and video optimization. We do all of that and more. Part of TBS is empowering our clients with a working understanding of how we help your business and the maintenance you can do on your own to keep up your SEO. Although we do offer maintenance as a service we also offer an On-Page SEO guide that you can follow for those who prefer to DIY.

Keyword & content research

Research is a crucial yet time consuming process for businesses. There are times when things are obvious and other times where something should have worked but didn’t. TBS conducts research for keywords you could rank for as well as what your customers are searching for right now and how that relates to your business. This starts at $50 and goes up from there. This is usually bundled with our content writing service. 

All things Google

It is no doubt that being on Google will change your business. It doesn’t matter if you offer a service or a product your business needs to be on google. We offer Google set ups in the following: 

Google business listing (maps), Google Analytics (free with SEO package), Google console (free with SEO package) as well as google product listings for e-commerce sites. This varies in price but is usually added onto other services we offer, such as Local SEO.  This varies in price, but Google Packages start as little as $200 and go up when adding google product listings. 


Although this service is usually combined with other services such as keyword research. TBS will write custom content for your business by bridging your keyword gap, writing new content, and rewriting old content. Schedule a call to see how TBS can help you write better content so your business stands out in this hectic internet world.

Local SEO starts at $200 for the following:

Google & Apple Maps listing with optimized SEO as well as geo-tagging for any photos on each listing (up to 10). These can be used for other things such as social media and websites. These photos will appear for certain keywords under images searches.