Reasons why you need your own website or landing page

5 Reasons why you need your own website or landing page!

I’ve been seeing so much regarding website/landing pages on small business groups recently. While it may seem inaccessible for some to spend money on a website that they may never use. All because their business is run mostly or exclusively on social media. This can be a great strategy for some the fact remains that you will never own your social media platform.
While you can “own” your social media page it is always subject to choices of that platform.

1.Reason one: You could lose your page if theres a bug, someone reports you,  or you get hacked.

There is very little support on these platforms if any of this happens and you could lose everything with no way of getting it back. All of your followers, the likes, etc will disappear and you will be left scrambling to reach your audience. Having a landing page or website that you own will mean that you are always in control.

2. Reason 2: You control what information is on there, your audience is able to find you in a google search,  and you can do so much more than any social media platform.

3.Reason 3: You can add a simple form to collect emails.

You can add whatever you want on your landing page. Put news on there and link it to everything.  This doesn’t mean stop how you operate business. It means you now have a back up plan in case your socials are hacked or worse, deleted.

4. Reason 4: Organic reach with search engines

The organic reach is greater with a blog since those pages will come up on search engines. People that are actively looking for what you offer will find you when they search. You can also keep an archive of your social media posts. This way you can reuse content or see what performs the best

5. Reason 5: With a landing page and website you able to track your customers.

You can see which pages are getting traffic, what people love about your business, and can make informed decisions on data not guesses. You can also monetize your website depending on your industry.
Did I miss any reasons why you need a website? Want to know more? If you’re reading this on social media comment below with your questions! Are you reading this on my website? Want to talk about building a landing page or website? Schedule a call today!
landing pages start at $100 and does not include hosting.
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SEO Services

There is a lot that goes into SEO

Let TBS help you with your SEO services needs so you get the most out of your website, local listing, and social media! The Complete Package is our best deal and includes Coaching so you have a winning strategy! We also have a more budget friendly SEO guide that can be paired with a basic SEO services plan. Learn more about SEO

  • Site Audit $50

    • Complete Audit of your website. Technical SEO, links, site speed, & Copy
    • Each page is looked over to ensure you meet all aspects of technical SEO. As well as an audit of how your copy is written. Price may increase if you have a substantial amount of content.
    • You get a list of things you need to do to get yourself on track.
    • The cost can be applied to another service after you get the report back.

  • Technical SEO $1,000+ Includes some On Page SEO

    • A basic SEO Service plan is available for a DIY package (bottom of the service list)
    • I implement all aspects of technical SEO so that your website is optimized and able to be indexed. This can take up to 3 weeks.
      • 2 pages of “On Page” SEO are included after an initial phone call. We will determine what you want to rank for.
      • Canonical tags applied where needed to prevent keyword cannibalization
      • Header and footer codes depending on your needs
      • Site map installation
      • Update Site Structure 
      • Reduce 404 errors & implement redirects
      • Manage any duplicate content/pages
      • and more
  • On Page SEO Services $400 +

      • You will need to implement some Technical SEO for On-Page to work for your business.
      • This ranges from rewriting some of your pages to creating new ones 
      • Geo Tagging of any photos
      • Recommend adding Technical SEO
      • Meta Descriptions for every page
      • and more.

  • Google set up $300

      • Google Console
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Maps
      • Google shopping is not included  (contact us to see if this can be included for you!)
      • How to make google work for you info sheet included but we will go over that in our meeting.
  • Local SEO $300 

      • Google Maps Set up
      • Apple Maps Set up
      • SEO for each listing to maximize your listing
      • Geo tagging website & social media photos (max of 50)
  • SEO Copywriting $75/page (Blog/web pages)

      • Each page or Blog post is written and optimized for YOU
      • Custom content written for your industry
      • Each page is 500- 1,000 words
      • You can break this up to 2 blogs posts or web pages but each must have a minimum of 300 words.
      • An interview is required so I understand your industry and what you want
  • Keyword Research $75  (for new content/blog)

    • You get a list of keywords, key phrases, and blog ideas for your industry
    • At least 5 new ideas
    • find out what potential customers and clients are searching for!
Learn On-Page SEO


    • Do it yourself with this Ultimate SEO Guide.
    • Goes over how to do written SEO for your pages and blog posts.
    • Comes with a checklist to keep you on track
    • Does not include Technical SEO
  • SEO Coach or Consultant 3 month minimum ( $600/month)

    • I come up with a strategy for your website
    • Implement SEO
    • Walk you through how to get the most out of the work
    • & how you can keep up with it
    • Includes any combination of the above
    • Includes Analytics set up & presentation at the end of the 3 months.
    • You will do the content writing with my easy to follow guide as well as coaching calls with me!
  • Complete Package $2,000 (payment plans available for the 3 month duration)

    • Includes everything above
    • Yes even the coaching
    • You can add the Marketing Plan for a discounted rate.

This is a separate service from the Complete Package

Geo Tagging $50 for 40 photos

Budget Friendly DIY SEO

You can always book a basic Technical SEO Package to ensure your site is indexed and purchase our DIY On-Page SEO Guide & Checklist. This is a risk as you will be doing the work BUT it is very cost effective and you will learn A LOT from our DIY Guide. It’s complete with a check list and resources so you stay on the right track. Schedule a call to see how I can help.  

Ashley Stafford looking off to her right. She is a medium melanated woman wearing a black tank with white poka dots and a red scarf looped around her neck. Dark brown hair with full bangs frame her face. Basics for promoting yourself blog is the context of the photo on an SEO services site.

Ashley’s businesses have ranged from art and music festivals to a private orthopedic massage practice, which is still successful today!

On-Page SEO Guide

On-Page SEO Guide for the D-I-Y Entrepreneur.

If you are creating your own website and asked for help in a FB group then you probably have heard of SEO. You know it’s important but you aren’t really sure what it is. You’re not even sure if you need it. I’m here to tell you that you do.

SEO is a short version of Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it’s a strategy you can use to get your website on the first page of a search result. Not just any search result but the right one. Search engines are pretty sick of people manipulating results with crappy websites and landing pages. There are “bots” that crawl websites and index them. When someone searches for something they go into their massage database of indexed websites to see which sites match the inquiry. If you manipulate those results and the user is met with bunch of junk it ruins the credibility of the search engine to the user. They end up clicking on more than they needed to in order to find the answer they are looking for. 

But not for long!

There has been a crack down on sites that manipulate this and as of 09-09-2022 there are “bots” that find these sites and punish them in search results. It could take MONTHS to recover from that. Don’t worry though! You’re here and have access to a FREE or pay what you can guide to On-Page SEO. Use this to go over previous pages or posts and clean up your site. Repurposing content is an SEO strategy I use for all new clients when they get our SEO Package. There are so many little things to keep track of that don’t seem important but I break that all down in the guide. There’s even a check list for those that like that sort of thing.  To Access this Guide Click the link! This will take you to our E-Commerce site, a perfect representation of how we use wordpress and woocommerce to create simple and intuitive web stores!

Building a Business

Building a business is overwhelming and stressful. At first it can feel as though you have no idea what you are doing and there are too many places to start to see how it all fits together. Every business has had help! That could be the nice lady at the government office, the co-worker that knows a lot about this or that, and even the teenager that can’t believe you’re not on the next social media channel. Each of those things teaches us a bit more about how to build our business. You can think “Well I don’t want to be on the next big social media because you’re not my target audience”.  Perhaps you didn’t think about that target audience thing, that phrase that everyone seems use, but it’s an important thing to think about.


Building your business through steps

Breaking it down into steps or chunks is a great way to see what needs to be done. There are legal things to file before you are recognized as an entity. Many people start there but you should file later than you think.  Before you file or buy ANYTHING you need to see if the name you want to use is available. Then take a look at your chunks and put the things you have no idea how to do in one pile and things you “kinda” know how to do in another. The third pile is all the things you know how to do and you know you can do it better than most. This will help you determine who you need to hire out for and what you need to learn to do for what you can’t hire out for.  It’s important to be able to know your limitations and either take the necessary time to improve on them or hire someone you can hold accountable. I say hold accountable because there are times where you hire a friend and they do not meet your expectations. If you hire a friend they may do a great job or they may come up short of your expectations.  Be sure you are capable of telling the person you hire what you want and let them know if they are straying from that. 

All businesses are different

When building your business it’s common to search how similar businesses operate. Market research is necessary for some things but when you are looking at what they are doing you can look at areas that you can improve. The reasons you thought of doing this business in the first place are reasons that make you better than your competition. You are meeting a need that some may not even know is there. You may have extensive knowledge in an area that most people are unfamiliar with. That’s how this business got started! Use that to help you business stand out!

What you can do now to build your business

When you are finished with your list you have a good understanding of what you think needs to be done. From here you can go a few routes. I suggest taking a FREE mentor from SCORE. SCORE is a business that helps other small businesses get started through mentorship. These mentors listen to your business idea/plan and tell you what you are missing or how they can help. They will not do the work for you but they are a good sounding board when you are uncertain. There are lots of free to low cost classes at your local Small Business Administration! They also have a great beginners guide to starting a business. If this all sounds overwhelming and you are still looking for help feel free to send us an email to see if we are a good fit and we will file your paperwork. Figure out what business entity is best for you, how to organize your accounts, and more are included in our long term business coaching program. Although it’s called coaching we do put the work in by taking things off of your plate. Each package is different, send us an email to see how we can help!




As we dive deeper into building your business it will become apparent that you need others to succeed. At the end of the day you only have so much time to accomplish everything so why not hire a few things out? TBS works with various freelancers and small businesses so you can spend your time doing things you want to do!

TBS would not be what is it today without the amazing Tim. Our technical advisory comes from Tim of timnetworks, a full-time shop for interesting technology. Social media is a full time job and I highly recommend sourcing that out unless it happens to bring you joy. We have Justin for our wellness clients and Allie for our online businesses. Gumption Designs Pigeon fighting a squirrel over a pretzel Graphic Design is something that can make or break your idea. Luckily we have a few artists we love to recommend to our clients. One of those is Gumption Designs where Zach takes your idea and brings it life! We hear they also do social media and front end website design 👀 Zach designed the above image for our E-Commerce site!

What is SEO & Analytics?

What is SEO?

“SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of taking steps to help a website or piece of content rank higher on Google or Bing. This carries over when using a search engine on a map like Google or Apple Maps when looking for something locally.”

What is SEO is written in a "Search bar" with the following on a lined paper graphic " Ask Ashley how to make SEO work for me. Should I get the SEO only package or SEO and Analytics?What is SEO

When you search for something on Google, Bing, and even Duck Duck Go you are searching through millions of internet websites, some new and some old. Finding what you are looking for and how it ranks on your search is no accident. Google for example has been logging what you search for and what you end up spending time reading. This lets them know that what you read was useful based on the time you spent on the website, what you skipped over, and how you searched for it. Over time your website gets “points” for being useful and shows up above other websites for similar searches.

There are lots and lots of things that go into SEO but you may be more familiar with “written SEO”. This is where you optimize your web page or article for search engines so that when they are crawled they register as useful. This can also look like adding a “Meta Description” and making sure your keywords appear on the page “X” times in comparison to the total word count. Adding “H3” to organize the information on your page and making sure the “Slugs” match everything.

This is considered “on page SEO”

Photo and Video!

This is similar to the above but it ensures that your photos and videos show up on those search tabs.

Have you ever searched for something and specifically went to the video tab of the search engine?

This is becoming a norm for various industries so it’s important to show up if it’s relevant to your industry. For example if you have a “Brick and Mortar” you need to geotag your photos! Geotagging your photos assigns a specific address or region to those photos and is attached to the photo information so no matter where you upload those photos it will register as your location in the search engines and if done right with your website/brand. This works across social media so you can see how it’s important, especially with things going viral you want these to link back to you.

Off Page SEO

There is more to SEO than just the on page stuff like writing, photos, and videos. Circling back to search engines determining if you are relevant on the internet with their ranking system comes off page SEO.

This can look like backlinks. Back links are when a site links to another site. Like this : check out my consent education business “Consent Culture Initiative“!

Have you ever looked at a website to see if you think it’s “credible” or not? What do you look for? Usually you look into what other websites mention them, who they work with, if anyone endorses them etc. This is backlinking but on a simpler scale. You can’t see if other websites link to another but the search engines can!

Domain ranking is used to determine where your website stands in comparison to other sites that are about the same or similar topic. Backlinks play a key role in determining this so make sure you get quality ones. Quality over quantity, as search engines will put a red flag on your site if they see a bunch of backlinks out of nowhere to your site. Some other Off Page SEO things are

  • Site speed – how fast is your website loading?
  • SiteMaps- are you allowing search engines to read your site?
  • Search Maps- Are you on Google or Apple Maps correctly?
  • Are you changing aspects of your site that aren’t working?

What is SEOAnalytics

Do I need Analytics even though I’m a small business?
Short answer: yes!

Analytics is a huge help in determining if what you are doing is working. From here you can see which pages:

  • Have the most traffic
  • Highest bounce rate
  • If people are clicking on your emails
  • Where your audience is
  • If others are referring to your site (remember backlinks?)
  • And more

Analytics is basically just data that is collected about your site and it’s users to help you see how others interact with your website. And with Google Analytics it’s FREE which is why I add it into my SEO set up. It’s better to start collecting that data even if you’re not going to use it right away so that you can see patterns and trends over time. I’m going to leave this short but all of my maintenance packages come with Analytics presentations that are done Quarterly, or Monthly for an additional cost.


Take a look at our Holistic SEO Services here

The absolute basics for promoting yourself

Don’t make these mistakes when promoting yourself!

The basics for promoting yourself. There are lots of ways you can sell your product or service online without a website these days. If you want to get the best results then you need to make sure your don’t make these mistakes!

Looking for something more advanced? Let me know what you’re looking for and I can make a new post just for you.


Good morning, I’m Ashley with Tranquil Business Solutions here
I just wanted to make a quick video this morning based on what i’ve been seeing
on the internet recently. I have a couple friends and people that I don’t even know posting about their services and their
products, that they’re trying to sell. They’re trying to drum up business, they’re trying to do social media marketing, and one thing that some people don’t understand is it’s still work you still have to plan some of it out and i’m going to give you some tips and tricks that you can use if you don’t have a website. You don’t have a website but you probably have a social media account this could be instagram, facebook, tick tock, deviantart is that still a thing, twitter that’s kind of a thing still, i don’t know whatever it is that you use have a dedicated page for whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

What kind of service ; basics for promoting yourself

If you’re trying to do a service let’s say you are trying to offer a reiki and you put it out there. You’re like “hey i’m offering reiki!” You should list your availability, how to get in contact with you, and what it is.  These three things will give people a very quick way to read what you’re offering and be able to make a decision right on the spot if you want to really convince them or really put out what it is that you do, put in a why this is beneficial for them,  and you give them how to contact you. That could be via dm or email, you should have a dedicated email just to keep everything organized. What it is you’re offering can be super specific.
like if you are only offering reiki on thursdays between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m put that in there. If you are only available on the weekends put that in there. And then you should also probably put in why they should contact you because this could give them a reason to do so for example you should contact me if you have anxiety and are looking for inner peace to help you overcome your anxiety. As a reiki practitioner this could really convince someone that says you know what i’ve been i’ve been looking for a sign i don’t know what to do i have been really anxious blah blah blah blah and bam there you go they you gave them a reason. All of those things need to be in your post, bottom line, so if you’re already posting about it you can go back and change your post to include some of this information. You have all your posts and they have your landing page or social that you want to be contacted on or email or whatever it is that it has a way to get a hold of you you should probably also put where they can find out more information. You don’t want to overdo it with your posting you don’t want to add a page or two of information but you should still have a page or two of information and there’s lots of ways to do this for free .

Mail Builders

For example you can have a pretty basic mail munch or mailchimp account this helps you gather email addresses so you can send mass emails.  This allows you to have a page that’s dedicated to just the information that you want to give to your customer base. You can also do google, google suite has a lot of really good stuff in there they have things like google forms that you can just post out there and you can gather information that way you can build it however you want now you can also just have google docs and then have a shared view only link where people can view what it is that you’re working on or view the information that you want to give to them and this is a great way to keep everything organized. That’s why i also recommend that you have a dedicated gmail account it’s free and you get a little bit of storage with that and it’s on the cloud so there’s a lot of easy and accessible ways that you can give the information out and you can also record the information. Did you put all the information needed on there are you expecting people to just to know what it is you’re offering. Going back with my reiki example if someone asks you hey what is reiki you should have a pre-made and ready response. You can use the google forms or you could use the google docs i mean that i mentioned earlier and this is a good way to just copy and paste something and then it says hey i made this already to tell you what this is. It could be a product like why should i use this new makeup palette and you could just say well these are the reasons why. Like it’s you know think of things that people might care about for example affordability, uh not tested on animals, that’s a big one for me um there’s just there’s a lot of stuff that you could kind of think about with that kind of thing so yeah just put in as much information as you can because people are going to have a lot of questions. So then when they ask those questions you can just send them that thing over they can read it and you don’t have to write something like “google it”.
I’ve seen that before and it just comes off really rude. Even if you didn’t mean it to be rude and you’re just like hey you can just google this and find out on your own or do your own research. Most people don’t do their own research so it’s best to have that information ready to go to convince that person to work with you or buy your product. Another one that i just wanted to put out there which seemed obvious to someone like me but it might not be obvious to everyone, link your link, all of it right ! If you comment on someone else’s post saying hey i happen to offer these things. You can link your bio, in your comment, link your website in the comment link your social in the comment whatever it is link it in the comments. If you have instagram
perfect way to start using that you just got put your in your bio and then you say something like link in the bio
or my link is in the bio or something along those lines so that people go back to your instagram account and click on the link tree and see all the different things that they can get from you services products whatever. I hope this video helped clear some things up and is going to help you sell your services and products online.  I’m Ashley with tranquil bs until next time!
This was Basics for promoting yourself online. We offer various services to help you build and grow your business. TBS specializes in SEO.

Ashley Stafford looking off to her right in a moment of contemplation. Basics for promoting yourself blog
Ashley’s businesses have ranged from art and music festivals to a private orthopedic massage practice, which is still successful today!

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