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4 Things you need before building your website.

Everyone gets excited to build a website, landing page, or even channel for their services or products. It’s exciting to see your ideas come to life and it’s natural to want to share them with your friends and future customers. There are a few things that you should think about before building your website /landing page /channel to ensure a smooth grand opening and success. 

the room is a soft teal color with a large wooden table in front of a window. At the table there are houe plants on one end with a woman facing the camera looking down at a laptop. on her left (the right corner of the image) there is a window that over looks a city. The image serves a visual for things you need for your website.

Here are the things you need for your website

  1. Having your brand squared away. 

Building a website is a lot easier when you have a color pallet for your brand. Your brand is made up of a lot of things such as Logo, colors, fonts, and even writing voice. These can make the creative process a lot easier since you already have an idea of what you want everything to look and feel like. When it comes to building your website you will have the colors laid out to set the tone of the website, the fonts that showcase your brand, as well as the language your business uses. Logos are also essential to start. I recommend working with a graphic artist to get a truly custom logo that you own. Using sites like Fiverr or Canva run the risk of now owning your logo which can cause a lot of issues down the line. 

  1. Think about your content strategy.

Are you going to have a blog? Are you adding video to that blog? What about a podcast? Would you rather focus on social media? If so which platforms would you use and which ones would you leave behind? How will these be showcased on your website? High-quality, original, and engaging content is key to attracting and retaining users. The strategy should include plans for content creation, management, and optimization.

  1. Hosting: Where?

Of course hosting isn’t something everyone thinks about before creating a website but it’s very important. Depending on how you answered the above questions a hosting company may already come to mind. People that have products may want to go with shopify while someone with services or an educational site may want to go with WordPress. You can also consider site maintenance, updating the site on the backend as well as adding new pages, etc.

  1. Budget and timeline

A realistic budget and timeline not only set expectations but also ensure efficient resource management. It’s important to factor in costs for ongoing maintenance and potential expansions.While you may think you just want a simple website some of those features may not be as simple as you think. Having a clear deadline will not only help you stay on track but will help your website developer. Your developer may be able to explain if things are or aren’t possible and allow for better communication. 

I hope this list helps you gain a better understanding of what you need to think about before you build your website. Here at TBS we always try to ensure our clients understand what they need and why they need it. When you have a better understanding of what is best you can start to make confident decisions for your business. To get started building the business of your dreams contact us or view our services to see if we can help in ways beyond site building.

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