Reasons why you need your own website or landing page

5 Reasons why you need your own website or landing page!

I’ve been seeing so much regarding website/landing pages on small business groups recently. While it may seem inaccessible for some to spend money on a website that they may never use. All because their business is run mostly or exclusively on social media. This can be a great strategy for some the fact remains that you will never own your social media platform.
While you can “own” your social media page it is always subject to choices of that platform.

1.Reason one: You could lose your page if theres a bug, someone reports you,  or you get hacked.

There is very little support on these platforms if any of this happens and you could lose everything with no way of getting it back. All of your followers, the likes, etc will disappear and you will be left scrambling to reach your audience. Having a landing page or website that you own will mean that you are always in control.

2. Reason 2: You control what information is on there, your audience is able to find you in a google search,  and you can do so much more than any social media platform.

3.Reason 3: You can add a simple form to collect emails.

You can add whatever you want on your landing page. Put news on there and link it to everything.  This doesn’t mean stop how you operate business. It means you now have a back up plan in case your socials are hacked or worse, deleted.

4. Reason 4: Organic reach with search engines

The organic reach is greater with a blog since those pages will come up on search engines. People that are actively looking for what you offer will find you when they search. You can also keep an archive of your social media posts. This way you can reuse content or see what performs the best

5. Reason 5: With a landing page and website you able to track your customers.

You can see which pages are getting traffic, what people love about your business, and can make informed decisions on data not guesses. You can also monetize your website depending on your industry.
Did I miss any reasons why you need a website? Want to know more? If you’re reading this on social media comment below with your questions! Are you reading this on my website? Want to talk about building a landing page or website? Schedule a call today!
landing pages start at $100 and does not include hosting.
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